Regulator for Speed Control

  • Bath Tub
  • Pop-up waste rotary Knob
  • Two Legs S S
  • Sleek Headrest Pillow on four Sides
  • Drain Pip

SANTINO BATHTUB (1830 x 1525 x 610 mm)

 Fully LoadedPremiumEconomicBasic Model
Front Panel
Side Panel
Stainless Steel Body Frame
Two Legs S S
Jacuzzi System with Eight Hydrojets & Eight Spinal Jets
Jacuzzi On / Off Switch
Jacuzzi Pressure Regulator
Jacuzzi Pump 2 HP
Bubble Bath with 12 Air jets
Bubble Bath On/Off Switch
Bubble Blower 1 HP
Fully Computerized Control Panel
Pneumatic Control Panel
Water Level Sensor
Ozone Sterilization System
Stereo Phonic Radio
Automatic Shut Down Safety Protection Against High Current Leakage
On-line Water Heater 2 KW
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Bathtub Filler Set With Hand Shower
Underwater Light Multicolour LED 2 Pcs.
Pop-up Waste Rotary Knob
Water Level Controller
Sleek Headrest Pillow on Four Sides
Suction Unit
Self Draining Pipes
Water Shortage Protection
Hot & Cold Mixer
Water Filler
Drain Pipe


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